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Topps PROJECT 2020 Card 4 - 2011 Mike Trout by Ermsy - Print Run: 2911
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Topps PROJECT 2020 Card 4 - 2011 Mike Trout by Ermsy - Print Run: 2911

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About PROJECT 2020

20 iconic baseball cards. 20 culture-defining artists. PROJECT 2020 by Topps visually reimagines the baseball cards that have defined generations, ushering in a new era of seminal artwork. The year-long program features premium, thick trading cards encased in a one-touch magnetic case. (slightly thicker than Topps Dynasty)

Original Card

2011 Topps Update Baseball #US175

About the Artist

Ermsy Paris-based artist and illustrator Ermsy re-invents classic cartoon characters in his imaginative work. Ermsy’s graphic exploration of pop culture uses popular cartoons in the same way that graffiti writers use letters. Ermsy transports characters from their familiar cartoon universes and into his own topsy-turvy and smoke-filled world. Instagram: @ermsy

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For every card, a foil numbered 1/1 Gold Frame card will be randomly inserted into print runs.

All sales are final. Print runs revealed after sales window expires. Art subject to change. Not responsible for typographical/printer errors.


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SKU ARTBB-130C2S-20TP20-0004
Product Information

(1) 2.5"x3.5" trading card encased in one-touch magnetic case

Printed on premium 130 pt thick glossy trading card stock

Product Type Base Card
Property Major League Baseball
Year 2020
Baseball Team Angels
Baseball Player Mike Trout
Artist Name Ermsy
Print Run 02911