Topps Living Set Bundle - Cards #115 - 117

Topps Living Set Bundle - Cards #115 - 117

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Topps Living Set Bundle - Cards #115 - 117


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Subject List:

115. Luis Severino
116. Felix Jorge
117. Trey Mancini

Product Specs

  • Includes three (3) cards
  • Modeled after the historic 1953 Topps design
  • Printed on 16pt Vintage Trading Card Stock
  • Features Ultra-High Resolution Scan of Original Artwork by Mayumi Seto

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About The Living Set

A dynamic collectible trading card set that captures baseball history in a unique way. 

What is a “Living Set”? It’s a trading card set that starts with Card #1, but does not have a final card. It’s not tied to any specific season or era... but lives on year after year. It’s the first cross-generational product that can be collected and traded for years to come. 

As part of the Living Set program, Topps will issue one card for every player unless that player changes teams. Three new players will be offered every week and will be available for purchase for just one week.

This exciting, groundbreaking set is modeled after the historic 1953 Topps Baseball Design, the first hand-painted set. The set is one of the most popular with baseball fans even decades later as it features compelling imagery from some of baseball’s all-time greats. 

The Topps living set will be created with artwork done by renowned sports artist Mayumi Seto. Seto’s art has captured the attention of baseball fans who love the lifelike rendering with a touch of flair that only Seto can provide.

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