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2021 Topps x Mego - Green Arrow - PR: 1754
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2021 Topps x Mego - Green Arrow - PR: 1754

Green Arrow
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Topps proudly presents Mego Collectibles!

The Emerald Archer has his sights set on the Megoverse once again! The Green Arrow is back on the hunt with this all-new 8” classically styled World’s Greatest Mego Heroes action figure!

Criminals beware - the Battling Bowman is once again patrolling the streets of Star City! No one can escape his longbow … “I’m a hunter.” Now you can reenact all of your favorite Green Arrow adventures! “This. This is what I am. This is who I am. Come hell or high water. If I deny it, I deny everything I've ever done...”

Mego is thrilled to have teamed up with the brilliant minds of Queen Industries to be able to reintroduce this fan favorite character! Green Arrow comes with comic book accurate clothing and detail! “Just stay focused and keep aiming …”

AGES 14+ This is not a toy. This is not intended for children.

Product image is a prototype, final version may slightly differ.

These exclusive Mego figures will go into production after the one-week sale period ends and product(s) will ship within 90-100 business days. In the case of minimum production quantities not being met when the sales period ends, Topps reserves the option to cancel the release and deliver full refunds to customers.


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Ships in approximately 90-100 business days after countdown clock expires

Includes (1) 8" collectible figurine

Max 5 per customer

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Product Type Hobby Box
Property Mego
Year 2021
Print Run 01754