Booster Pack - Topps 52-Card Baseball Game - Created by Kenny Mayne

Booster Pack - Topps 52-Card Baseball Game - Created by Kenny Mayne


Includes (5) player variation cards
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Topps introduces Topps 52-Card Baseball, a game created by famed sports journalist Kenny Mayne that merges collecting with good, old-fashioned gameplay fun!

A note from creator, Kenny Mayne– 

Remember back when you didn’t have electronics or smart phones and you invented games and played them for hours and hours with your uncle? Probably not. But then you never met my uncle Bud and didn’t live right where I did.

Too often these days we’re all a little guilty of being in the same room with friends and family and engaging only with a device we hold in our hands. This game is different. It’s a chance to connect with the people in our lives and the sport many of us love.

It’s 52-Card Baseball. Uncle Bud and I just kind of made it up one day. We didn’t have electronics. We had one television. It was black and white. Man I’m old. The rules are pretty simple. You split a deck of cards in half. Then you flip them one by one. High card prevails. Prevails is probably the biggest word we’re going to use right here. We’re all for simple. It’s just you and your uncle or you and your friend (or you by yourself if you’re really bored). No electronics needed.

—Kenny Mayne


How To Play:

  1. Make your lineup & keep score
  2. Draw to see who is the home and visiting team
  3. Split a deck of cards (26 cards each)
  4. Move cards on game mat to indicate position of runners


Topps Booster Pack includes:

  • 5 player variation cards


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Includes (5) playing cards

Property Major League Baseball
Year 2019