Topps is getting ready for the 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention

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The National Sports Collectors Convention is coming up with sports fans, collectors and members of the industry descending on the biggest show of the year. It features hundreds of dealer tables with sports cards, memorabilia, oddball items and pieces we can’t even imagine.

One of the best parts of the show – beyond seeing your collecting family – is getting the exclusive content that Topps offers every year. We will have show-exclusive cards, giveaways, a Q&A and more.

Here is some of what Topps has planned for the 2016 Nationals Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, N.J. from August 3-7.

Yoan Moncada

Wrapper Redemption

Every year, Topps is the place to be when it comes to getting exclusive wrapper redemption cards. This year, Topps is featuring 2016 Bowman “National” Refractors.

These cards will utilize a prism foil pattern on chrome stock that has not been used in other 2016 Bowman products. This pattern is exclusively available at the National Sports Collectors Convention. The checklist includes a mix of MLB veterans, 2016 rookies and top prospects for a total of 50 players. Some of the athletes included in the set are Kris Bryant, Bryce Harper, Hank Aaron, Mike Trout, Yoan Moncada, Alex Bregman and more. In addition, there will be rare parallels randomly inserted into packs.

See the full checklist here.

Collectors will also get a chance at pulling autographs of some of the featured athletes.
Kris Bryant

To get one of the four-card Bowman National Refractor packs, fans must open 10 sealed hobby packs of select 2016 Topps products (excluding Opening Day and Sticker Collection) or five sealed hobby packs of a 2016 Bowman product or 2015 Bowman’s Best at the Topps booth. These packs cannot be opened before coming to the booth. The wrapper redemption packs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but are limited to 7 pack redemptions per transaction.

Rocky exclusive cards

Topps is selling a special a 10-card Rocky set using the 1976 sports design. The only place to get these cards will be at the Topps booth at the National Sports Collections Convention.

Pack Wars

The ripmaster Alan Narz will be on hand hosting another rendition of Pack Wars. Collectors at the show compete against each other for Topps prizes. It gets loud and crazy, so be prepared to have fun. A schedule of Pack Wars will be available at the Topps booth.

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Topps Digital

The Topps apps team will be showcasing all seven of its digital trading card apps, including the latest release Topps WWE Slam! Stop by the booth for demonstrations, free packs, coin giveaways, and more.

Round Table

Head over to the Topps booth at the National for a chance to talk with the brand managers about Topps products. Topps will host presentations to give fans more insight into the different products coming out.

Q&A Discussion

Every year, Topps hosts a Q&A session for fans. Here’s a chance to ask those burning questions you have always had for Topps. There is limited space available. Sign up at the Topps booth to secure your spot for the Q&A.

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