Topps BUNT: Officially licensed MLB Digital Trading Card App

Topps® BUNT® is back for another season! BUNT 2016 is the only real-time, real-world Major League Baseball digital trading card game where the cards you own and collect earn points based on how your players perform on the field each day. Enjoy the nostalgia of card collecting and the competitive spirit of fantasy baseball at the same time.

Step up to the plate and download Topps BUNT today!

Houston Astros shortstop and reigning American League Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa loves being a part of the app: “I grew up dreaming of playing in the major leagues and being featured as the cover player for Topps BUNT is incredible,” Correa said. “The popularity and technology behind digital cards is impressive and allows me to carry a complete collection with me on my phone. I can’t wait for fans to collect, trade and play with my BUNT cards this season.”

New Features in Topps BUNT 2016

Card Exchange: Fans can trade in and upgrade their cards without needing a trading partner. This feature mimics the very popular “Smugglers Den” of the Topps Star Wars Card Trader App.

Player Levels: Fans will now be able to attain different levels within the app, which will help fans track their progress and compare their collecting, trade and play accomplishments to other fans.

Base Card Parallels: Chase TWICE as many of your favorite players than in 2015, with 10 Base Card parallels of each player.

Scoring Updates: Score big with heavy hitters and beware of penalties to pitchers in hot water!

Equipment Cards: Fans will be able to chase cards of essential baseball equipment for the purpose of trading in with Card Exchange to improve the Base Color Parallel of their favorite MLB stars.

Topps BUNT 2016 Returning Features

Authentic and Official Collecting: Collect today’s hottest Major League Baseball stars on high-definition cards. New players added every week.

Classic Topps: Relive your childhood with high-definition, digital card releases of your favorite baseball legends. Pull cards of players from the 1950s through the current generation.

Trade like a Pro: BUNT has the best baseball card collecting community in the world. Expanded trading allows for up to 18 cards to be swapped in a single deal and a new Trader Score allows you to rate your fellow traders on their trustworthiness and deal-making abilities.

Flow of the Game Scoring: Watch live games and score PTS with TOPPS BUNT® 2016 player cards. This allows fans to swap cards in their lineup, and feel the excitement of every hit, strikeout, double play or stolen base


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