Topps announces Cole Hamels base card in Topps Baseball Holiday Box has smaller print run


Baseball card fans have loved the Topps Baseball Holiday Box found at Walmart stores. The cards feature the Topps flagship design with snowflakes added to the design for a snuggly, wintry feeling.

There are 200 cards in the base set, but Topps wants to inform collectors that due to a production error the Cole Hamels base card (No. 107) on the checklist was not produced in the same quantity as the rest of the cards in the set.

While the card is not scarce, collectors may notice that the Hamels card may be slightly tougher to find.

Each Topps Baseball Holiday Box contains one “hit” of either a relic card, autographed card or autographed relic card. Collectors also have a chance to find Metallic Snowflake parallels.

Boxes can be found at Walmart stores for $19.99. Find a Walmart store in your area.

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