Star Wars' Dave Filoni has autographs coming to Topps Star Wars Galaxy

Dave Filoni; Star Wars

With Topps Star Wars Galaxy making its triumphant return, we're excited to add a first-time Topps signer – but a longtime Star Wars contributor – to the set.

Dave Filoni, a director and executive producer on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, has signed cards that will appear in Topps Star Wars Galaxy.

Most of Filoni’s work has been on the animated front of Star Wars, which made it perfect sense to add him to one of the most impressive art trading card projects in Star Wars Galaxy.

Even with all of Filoni’s behind the scenes work, he also voiced Chopper, a droid on Star Wars: Rebels.

Filoni signed cards of featuring his Chopper character.


In addition, Filoni’s Journey to Ahsoka cards that first appeared in the Topps Star Wars Card Trader app will be included as a 10-card insert set in 2018 Topps Star Wars Galaxy, really showcasing Filoni’s amazing work throughout Star Wars.

Look for Star Wars Galaxy to hit stores on Dec. 12 with all its amazing artwork.

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