Join in the Topps 20 Days of Giveaways

brunch-1This month, Topps is giving back to its amazing collectors. We’re giving away prizes all month long through our social media channels.

There will be ‘20 Days of Giveaways’ starting today.

Each day a new giveaways featuring a Topps product, card, or swag will be used in the giveaways. Check back here every weekday to see where the next giveaway will be.

We will have a running list of all the giveaways.

Follow Topps on its social channels so you have a chance at one of the great giveaways!

December 4: Topps T-shirt and hat (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
December 5: 2017 Topps MLB Complete Set (Twitter)
December 6: Topps High Tek Baseball (Instagram)
December 7: Mars Attacks (Facebook)
December 8: Big Box Giveaway (Instagram)

December 11: The Walking Dead Evolution & Fear The Walking Dead (Twitter)
December 12: Topps Inception Baseball (Twitter)
December 12: Topps Inception Baseball (Facebook)
December 13: Topps Archives Signature Series Prize Pack (Instagram)
December 14: The Walking Dead Evolution hobby box (Facebook)
December 15: Big Box Giveaway (Instagram)

December 18: Star Wars Prize Pack (Twitter)
December 19: Carlos Correa autograph (Instagram)
December 20: TBA Facebook
December 21: TBA Twitter
December 22: TBA Facebook

December 25: TBA Facebook
December 26: TBA Twitter
December 27: TBA Instagram
December 28: TBA Twitter
December 29: TBA Facebook

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