#HobbyHighlight: Dave and Adam's Card World

#HobbyHighlight: Dave and Adam's Card World
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#HobbyHighlight: Dave and Adam's Card World

Hobby Highlight: Dave and Adam’s Card World

The annual Topps Night at Dave and Adam’s Card World was back in full swing on October 21, an appropriate event for the eve of the 2019 World Series.

Each customer who walked into the Buffalo, NY store received one free raffle ticket upon entry, earning additional raffle tickets with the purchase of Topps product. Receiving raffle tickets was the name of the game, as there were an incredible 79 prizes guaranteed to be given away! Prizes included Topps Tribute, Star Wars: Journey to Rise of Skywalker, WWE SmackDown and Silver Packs.

Prizes aside, the close to 100 customers in attendance were treated to a night of video and arcade games while ripping open packs of Topps cards.

Kevin O’Neil, Topps hobby sales manager, attended Topps Night, as he does every year. 

“It’s always great to partner with Dave & Adam’s and we’ve held Topps Night in each of the past three years,” said O’Neil. “Each of these have been big events, but this was the biggest yet in terms of collectors that attended and free prizes that we gave away. Looking forward to it again next year!”

“It’s always a pleasure to have a representative from Topps to come in, meet everyone and help give away some awesome prizes!” said Retail Store General Manager, Nick Bergman.

“We are thankful for all our customer for helping make this annual event possible and love seeing the passion they’ve passed down to their kids. We couldn’t do it without them!”

From rookie collectors to seasoned veterans, there was something for everyone to enjoy. While the cards, boxes and giveaways are the focus at Dave and Adam’s Card World, the excitement and joy from the kids as they ran up to claim their prizes is the true highlight of Topps Night. 

Visit https://www.dacardworld.com/ to learn more about Dave and Adam’s Card World.

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