Garbage Pail Kids getting ready for the Iowa Caucus


With the Iowa Caucus slated for Monday, Garbage Pail Kids will have special cards ready for fans.

The five Presidential Candidate cards that are found in Garbage Pail Kids: As American as Apple Pie will have specially made cards for the event - an Iowa Caucus parallel, but with a twist.

The cards of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, and Ben Carson will be on sale on for a limited time (up to 24 hours). The number of Presidential Candidate GPK Iowa Caucus parallel cards that are sold in that time is the number of cards that will be made – no more, no less.

So if 50 Donald Trump parody stickers sell, just 50 will be made.

Get ready for the sale, and check out as they go up on the site on Monday. Check out the gallery below of the five Presidential Candidate stickers found in GPK: American as Apple Pie in Your Face.

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