Colossi Set Unites Three Topps Digital Apps

For most people, soccer, WWE and baseball have little in common. But for Topps app users, the three are more alike than ever with this week’s release of the Colossi set.

Topps KICK, SLAM and BUNT brought the Colossi set to its fans during a three-day release – the first ever release of its kind across multiple Topps apps.

The Colossi set’s design originated with Brandon Bernard, digital artist for Topps KICK.

“I liked the dramatic sense of scale,” Bernard said of the design. “The line-drawing aesthetic is fairly unique in the KICK app.”


After seeing it on Bernard’s computer, Topps BUNT digital artist Dan Polito inquired about the design.

“I liked the hand drawn feel of the city background,” added Polito. “I thought it looked pretty cool and unique.”

After some discussion, they decided it was a design worthy of a multi-app release, and brought the idea to other digital artists. Phil Imbriano, digital artist for Topps SLAM, jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Bernard and Polito on the set.

“My favorite aspect of the Colossi design is the perception of depth it gives the viewer,” said Imbriano. “Colossi brings SLAM the opportunity to be different from more on-brand WWE sets, while still being relatable to the culture of WWE.”

For fans who play the three apps, the release provides a unique opportunity to collect the Colossi set for their favorite players and superstars alike, all in a matter of days.

Prior to the release, it was a mystery to fans in which apps the set would appear. Fans even took to the Topps Digital Twitter account, speculating which three apps would complete the “trifecta” for the release.

One by one, the set was released in each app, exciting new fans each day.

Traditionally, Topps apps operate independently of one another; however, the digital artists always welcome a chance to join forces and bring new and unique designs to their fans.

“Team collaboration is key to creating universal design applicable for multiple properties,” Imbriano said. “Colossi successfully does this as it is the first multi-app release.”

“We have a lot of talented designers on our team and a lot of great content because of it,” added Polito.

As for the name? Well, with a multi-app release and a unique design collaborated on by three digital artists, there is nothing small about it. In fact, it’s colossal.

Be a part of this unique release and collect your own today available only in Topps KICK, SLAM and BUNT!

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