Are you ready for Topps The Walking Dead Season 7 trading cards?


As the new season of The Walking Dead closely approaches, the latest Topps trading card set is even closer. 2017 Topps The Walking Dead Season 7 trading cards are currently out with a chance to pull autographed cards of top actors, costume cards and a dynamic base set.

Fans of TWD can find cards in hobby stores, Target, Walmart and online retailers.

And there will be plenty of Negan.

Each hobby box (those boxes found in hobby stores and select online retailers) has two hits with a guaranteed autographed card. Hits include autographs, costume cards, printing plates, and sketch cards. sam_1787

The base set includes 100 storyline cards with six to seven cards highlighting each Season 7 episode. There are also parallels of the base set, which includes Rust (which is one per pack), Mud, Mold, Sepia, Blood (1-of-1), and Printing Plates.

The inserts show a variety of content from The Walking Dead, including Walkers, the popular TWD Card Trader app insert Chop, and Rivalries.

There are few cards that are exclusive to specific retail outlets.

Target Only

The insert In-Memoriam can only be found at Target. It features the characters that were killed during the season.

Walmart Only

Allegiances, which features two characters who work together, are only available at Walmart.

Fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character Negan will also find special cards in Walmart's value boxes. Negan + Walker Dual Relic Cards, which includes two different costumes pieces, one from Negan and one from a walker can be found in these special boxes.

Also, Topps is also offering a Bullet Relic card, which contains a piece of a shell casing from a prop used in the hit television show. These cards can only be found in Walmart.

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