2019 Bowman Mega Boxes are back at Target

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2019 Bowman Mega Boxes are back at Target
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The 2019 Bowman Mega Box is here. These boxes, featuring exclusive parallels, are only found in Target stores. They begin rolling out this week. 

Each Bowman Mega Box comes with four packs of 2019 Bowman Baseball and two packs of the 2019 Bowman Mega Box cards. The Bowman Mega Box Baseball packs come with five cards, including rare autographs and refractor parallels.

What makes the Bowman Mega Box cards different?

The cards feature a special patterned refractor that can't be found anywhere else.

The Bowman Mega Box gives collectors a chance to find cards of top prospects and rookies like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Victor Victor Mesa, Fernando Tatis Jr., Casey Mize, Eloy Jimenez and more. 

See the full checklist here.

The Bowman Mega Box cards also feature two inserts: 

  • ROY Favorites
  • Ready for the Show

Collectors can also look for image variations and autographs. 

Remember -- the only place to get these cards are at Target.

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