2019 Membership Overview

Set 1: "Lost Topps Design" MLB Set + Autograph

Members of the inaugural 582 Montgomery Club class received this MLB trading card set as a membership gift. The card design is pulled directly from a collection of unused Topps designs recently uncovered in the Topps Vault, and features a classic white border design on vintage trading card stock.

• Includes 25 base cards

• PLUS One Autograph

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Set 2: "1967 Inspired" MLB Sticker Set

Set 2 is a collection of MLB stickers inspired by a unique set from the Topps archives. In 1967, Topps released test issues of stickers for two teams – the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox. These rare stickers featured cartoonish typography and Americana campaign styled designs. The sticker design used for Set 2 includes some of these original designs, as well as some new ones done in the same style

• Includes 20 stickers

• Set 2 Checklist>>

Set 3: "1972 Poster" MLB Set + Autograph

In 1972, Topps issued 24 posters measuring 9-7/16″ x 18″ and featuring colorful photos, not to mention a handful of eventual Hall of Famers. Set 3 for 2019 582 Montgomery members features the design from these posters and is printed on vintage trading card stock. We even included an unannounced autograph card!

• Includes 20 base cards

• PLUS One Autograph

• Set 3 Checklist>>

Set 4: "1951 Ringside Inspired" MLB Set

1951 Topps Ringside features a beautiful color design and is considered one of the top boxing trading card sets ever produced. We took this classic design and gave it a Baseball makeover for Set 3, packing it full of superstar veterans and top rookies.

• Includes 20 base cards

• Set 4 Checklist>>

Set 5: "Members Vote" MLB Set + Autograph

For the final 2019 set, we handed the reigns to 582 Montgomery members, allowing them to vote for the set's design and subject list. Members chose their favorite design from a collection of lost Topps designs recently uncovered in the Topps Vault, and selected a jam-packed subject list that spans from Babe Ruth to Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

• Includes 20 base cards

• PLUS One Autograph

582 Montgomery Stamped Complete Set

• 700 cards includes Series 1 and 2

• "582 Montgomery" foil stamp on each card

2018 Topps Brooklyn Collection

582 Montgomery members had access to purchase 2018 Topps Brooklyn Collection, a premium trading card box sold available on Topps.com. 2018 Topps Brooklyn collection features recently recovered, lost Topps designs and includes five on-card autographs printed on 72-point stock with gold foil and serial numbering.

Thank You Checklist Card

Topps added one final card to cap the 2019 membership–– a vintage-inspired Mike Trout card featuring a 2019 582 Montgomery Club checklist on the back.