Category Manager  - Team Collections / Custom Products

The Topps Company, the premier brand in sports cards and collectibles is looking for someone to join their new online retail business.  We need someone with a background in sourcing product for sports companies to come on board and help build our national catalog of products.  This is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new team here at Topps and an ideal role for any sports fan. 

The category manager is the true entrepreneur of our company.  They have the distinct responsibility of creating a business from end to end.   The category manager will develop and curate a wide array of products that appeal to the sport team fanatic.  They will have the responsibility of creating interesting and innovative merchandising strategies to sell the products (bundling, gifting, packaging, promotions).  The category manager will come in with the direct responsibility to manage the apparel, small printable, and custom product businesses.  It is an exciting opportunity to work directly with professional sport organizations to curate and create original team and personalized products for fans everywhere.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Product Procurement – Finding the most original and obscure products that would appeal to our core audience.  Product procurement requires a good sense of the supply chain, negotiating skills, and resourcefulness.
  2. Product Development – From sourcing to design to the final good.  This individual will have ownership of the full product development process.  In order to be successful the candidate must possess good project management skills, a design sense, and sports knowledge.
  3. Marketing & Merchandising - The responsibility does not end after the product is curated or designed.  It will also be this individual’s responsibility to work with marketing and merchandising to develop marketing initiatives to sell the product. 
  4. Sales & Revenue  - Individual will be measured against various financial goals and like any business owner will have to manage the profitability of their category. 


  • Lover of the Rare - we need someone is who is passionate about finding extremely esoteric products.  If you buy products based on obscurity, then you are our person.
  • Entrepreneur - creative, open minded, and resourceful individual with a strong passion to build a business.
  • Team Builder – we need someone who can pull together individuals with a mutual mindset, from all corners of the country, to find and cultivate product for Topps Online.
  • Sports Fanatic – A sports lover that knows and lives sports. You are as deft with last night’s results as you are with the story of Dock Ellis.
  • Resourceful – It doesn’t matter if you have done it before, you find a way to get it done, and get it done well.


  • Day to Day management of the Apparel, Small Printable, and Custom product category.
  • Ownership of a comprehensive business plan for you category
  • Coordinating department activity for special promotions/events, and insuring timely and satisfactory execution of the programs.
  • Negotiations with manufacturers, licensors, and suppliers of retail product.
  • End to end development and manufacturing of apparel and small printable products.
  • Negotiate with major athletic licensees to acquire and maintain product rights
  • Help to maintain an on-line selling environment that highlights key product by season (i.e. Top Sellers Category, Seasonal Gifts, Exclusive Products)
  • Work closely with or assist with marketing / merchandising / and editorial to develop a product calendar and associated promotions.
  • Constant competitive analysis and action taken in response to market conditions
  • Establish a fulfillment strategy for each product
  • Work with suppliers to develop product extensions, exclusives and special offerings that differentiate us from the competition.
  • Devise and execute a strategy to build a national network of local product designers that can help assist you with designing for the local markets.

Other Requirements

  • A proven track record of developing consumer products end to end.
  • Sports licensing experience
  • Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) in Business / Marketing / Procurement or Supply Chain Mgt
  • An established record of 5+ years in procuring consumer products within eCommerce business
  • Expertise in eCommerce best practices and trends.
  • Knowledge of the Sport development


Topps Digital is a tech start-up located within the iconic American trading card company. We are building new digital sports experiences under the iconic “Topps” brand name. Offices in Manhattan.